Police Officer Certified as School Resource Officer

Ponchatoula, La.- Chief Bry Layrisson announces that Patrol Officer Carol Wilson has graduated as a Certified School Resource Officer. Wilson attended a forty hour school in Lafayette, La and was certified by the state. Layrisson stated that Wilson is the first ever certified school resource officer for the department. While attending, officers were instructed on the concept of Community Oriented Policing as well as communication skills on how to talk to and interact with juveniles. “We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our school children,” Layrisson said. The officers were instructed by a retired school teacher on the thinking process of children at different age groups. Chief Layrisson also said that school crisis planning personnel explained how each school develops its emergency plans.

K-9 Training

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Ponchatoula Police-Arrest Report

Ponchatoula Police-Arrest Report
Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula and charged as follows:

1. Kenyatta Komorique Spears, 25, of 129 Ford St., 14 counts of failure to appear, expired M.V.I., driving under suspension (DUS), no insurance.
2. Alexander Steven Johnson, 21, of 31222 Hwy. 43, Albany, disturbing the peace-noise.
3. Thomas F. Downey Jr., 45, of 21127 Mitchell Rd., driving while intoxicated-2nd offense, speeding.
4. Rodney Ekinia, 19, of 42166 Pleasant Ridge Road Ext., possession of alcohol by person under 21.
5. Eric Rose, 17, of 39373 Brick Yard Rd., Springfield, possession of alcohol by person under 21.
6. Taylor Jame Anderson, 17, of 601 Autumn Wind Lane, Mandeville, possession of alcohol by person under 21.
7. Lisa Ann Howes, 41, of 280 North 8th St, simple battery-domestic violence.
8. Matthew Sean Claunch, 22, of 20272 Hwy. 22 East, 18 counts of failure to appear.
9. Holbein Moran Navarrette, 23, of Sacuier Rd., no driver’s license.
10. Kenneth L. Marshall, 52, of 3200 Oak Meadow Lane 16, driving while intoxicated-1 st offense.
11. Clint Royal Goodwin, 17, of 33077 Hwy. 43, Independence, disturbing the peace-noise.
12. George Vernon Stutte, 41, of 25295 Harvey Lavigne Rd., driving under suspension, switched license plate.
13. Joseph Coleman, no address listed, 3 counts of failure to appear.
14. Jason Karkoski, 36, of 2702 Westmoreland Rd., Lexington, KY, disturbing the peace-simple drunk.
15. Archie Spears, 39, of 183 W. Ash St., 3 counts of failure to appear.
16. Karen Mechelle Bowman, 25, of 957 E. Pine St. 4, fugitive from other jurisdiction, 3 counts of failure to appear.
17. Benjamin Hoffman, 47, of 41004 N. 1st St., disturbing the peace-simple drunk, vagrancy.
18. Vital Smith, 19, of 41220 Julia Weathersby, disturbing the peace-noise.
19. Travis Jermaine Jackson, 25, of 17172 Lavigne Rd., simple kidnapping, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.
20. Timesha Laqueta Cole, 17, of 250 N. 2nd St., contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.
21. James Teel Jr., 17, of 24161 Traino Rd., possession of alcohol by person under 21.
22. Devin Emile Mascair, 18, of 27104 Harvey Lavigne Rd., possession of alcohol by person under 21.
23. Derrell Jamal Pea, 22, of Dunson Rd., contributing to delinquency of a juvenile.
24. Valerie St. Amant, 455 E. Cypress St., possession of Schedule II drugs.
25. Gerald Milan Green Jr., 20, of 230 N. Barrone Street, 27 counts of failure to appear, no driver’s license, possession of marijuana.
26. Joseph Sanley Green, 29, of 1681 Hwy. 51 North 29, 4 counts of failure to appear.
27. Michael Villars, 17, of 114 Mulberry Circle, disturbing the peace-noise.

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