PPD officer sustains broken hand arresting armed suspect following traffic stop in downtown Ponchatoula

PONCHATOULA---A Ponchatoula police officer sustained a broken hand last week while arresting an armed suspect during a traffic stop in downtown Ponchatoula.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said Officer Steven Dailey suffered a broken left hand, contusions to his forehead, abrasions to his left and right shins, and a knee injury in the course of arresting a suspect, identified as Christopher Ryan Wilson, 29, of N. Barronne St. in Ponchatoula.

Layrisson said Wilson was armed with a loaded Derringer 38 "Special" and resisted Dailey and two other officer's attempts to remove him from his vehicle, which was parked at the gas pumps outside Bootsy's Deli around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday evening.

According to police reports, Dailey spotted Wilson run a stop sign at the intersection of S. 9th Street and W. McClellan and conducted a traffic stop on the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria while it was parked at the gas station.

Dailey's report indicates he instructed the driver, identified as Wilson, to put the car in park. As the officer approached the vehicle, the driver's side door opened and revealed "what appeared to be a clear plastic baggie with an off white rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine in the driver's door handle area." The officer also observed the driver allegedly reaching behind his back, as if to "conceal" something. Dailey, suspecting that the driver was armed, drew his service weapon and ordered the driver and his passenger to place their hands on their heads. Both occupants of the vehicle refused, and Dailey continued to repeat the command. The occupants eventually complied and Dailey ordered back up to help him make the arrests.

As Dailey told Wilson he was under arrest, the suspect allegedly began resisting arrest, striking the officer with a closed fist more than once. According to police reports, as other officers arrived on the scene and rendered aid, the suspect resisted and reached for a handgun which was in his lap. The suspect is also accused of putting something into his mouth which he tried to swallow during the course of the struggle.

The passenger in the vehicle, identified as 50-year-old Linda Matthews of Tudor Ave. in River Ridge, refused to comply with officer commands to exit the vehicle and lie on the ground. Officers administered a chemical spray to Wilson, which affected Matthews, and she exited the vehicle. Meanwhile Wilson continued to resist the arresting officers, bracing his foot against the windshield to prevent being removed from the car and ultimately breaking the glass.

Layrisson said officers indicated Wilson succumbed to the chemical spray and was removed from the vehicle with an arm bar. Officers used two sets of handcuffs to detain Wilson, who had continued to struggle against police and pulled his arms up under his chest while lying facedown on the ground.

Matthews was taken into custody by assisting officers after a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance was found where Matthews stood outside the vehicle.

Wilson continued to make a scene, screaming for onlookers to call his father and his lawyers and claiming he was being beaten by officers.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and treated Wilson and Matthews for the chemical spray.

The department's K9 Indo conducted a check around the perimeter of the vehicle and began positive signaling that he detected narcotics in the vehicle. Police recovered the loaded handgun on the driver's seat, a marijuana cigar from the dash board area, and in the front compartment of the vehicle, an aspirin bottle containing aspirin and 10 assorted pills believed to be Hydrocodone. The vehicle was removed by a wrecker service and is pending seizure.

Matthews allegedly told police that she threw the marijuana out of the car and that she is Wilson's live-in girlfriend.

Wilson told police during booking several different conflicting stories, appealing to their sympathies. When officers showed no response to Wilson's comments, the suspect allegedly threatened Dailey, inciting intimidation tactics regarding the officer's job and allegedly threatening to personally track down the officer and or his family.

Layrisson said Wilson was charged with three counts of resisting an officer with force or violence, one count of battery on a police officer, one count public intimidation, one count possession of a firearm while in possession of CDS I and II, one count of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, one count of criminal damage to property, and one traffic violation for running the stop sign.

Layrisson said Wilson was transported to the Amite Jail for processing. The contraband was logged into evidence. Officers also seized $67 in cash from Wilson which was believed to be proceeds from street level drug sales.

Matthews was arrested on one count each of resisting an officer and possession of marijuana. She was also processed at the Amite Jail.

Dailey was treated and released from North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond for his injuries.

PPD arrest women for disturbing the peace by fighting

PONCHATOULA - 12/04/10---Two local women were arrested for disturbing the peace after they had a verbal altercation in the middle of a city street, said Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson.

Layrisson said officers were called to respond to a disturbance in the first block of Ford Street in Ponchatoula shortly before noon Saturday.

Officers allegedly observed 41-year-old Georgia Mae Spears and 25-year-old Kenyatta Komorique Spears, both residents of Ford Street, standing out in the middle of the street allegedly screaming at each other.

Despite efforts by police to stop the argument, the women allegedly continue to verbally fight each other, causing a disturbance in the neighborhood, Layrisson said.

The women were arrested and transported in separate units to the Ponchatoula Police Department where they were issued misdemeanor summons for disturbing the peace, Layrisson said.

PPD arrest student for alleged battery of development center employee

PONCHATOULA - 12/05/10---A 17-year-old resident at a local youth facility was arrested Friday afternoon after she allegedly hit a worker at the development center following a fight with her roommate.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said officers arrested 17-year-old Timesha Laquetta Cole, of 250 N. 2nd St., after she allegedly struck an employee at the Jesse Dotey Youth Development Center following a verbal altercation with a fellow student Friday afternoon.

Reports indicate Cole and her roommate were listening to the radio in their room at the center when Cole asked the other student to quit singing. The other student continued singing, and Cole allegedly grabbed the radio and started fighting with the roommate.

An employee tried to break up the fight between the students. Cole allegedly pushed a chair at that worker and later hit the employee.

The employee reportedly allowed Cole to contact her case worker about the altercation. Officers were contacted as well, and the employee pressed charges against the teen.

Layrisson said that when officers arrived at the center, the suspect was yelling and using "loud abusive language," and generally causing a disruption at the campus.

Officers charged Cole with simple battery and one count of disturbing the peace. She was booked and processed accordingly, Layrisson said.

Layrisson makes three arrests after citizen complaints of increased drug activity on Dort Street

PONCHATOULA, 12/08/10---Enhanced patrols in an area of town that the public has expressed concern over increased drug activity resulted in the arrest of three local men Monday.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said officers have stepped up patrols in the Dort Road area of town after citizens expressed concerns about increased drug activity in that area.

On Monday, as officers patrolled the area, they observed a silver car parked partially in the roadway with a second vehicle parked behind it.

Layrisson said police approached the vehicle after they allegedly witnessed the driver, identified as 17-year-old Emanuel Lewis of Happywoods Road in Hammond, "rolling a marijuana blunt." Officers identified themselves as law enforcement, and Lewis allegedly concealed an object between the driver's side door and the seat. When officers asked the suspect to open the door, they observed a "clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance" which was believed to be marijuana.

Officers also questioned four men in the second vehicle and found two, 21-year-old Alvin D. McGee of Dort Street and 25-year-old Courvoisier Lavarsei Wilson of E. Willow Street, both of Ponchatoula, who were wanted on outstanding warrants.

McGee was also allegedly found with a clear plastic bag containing the same green leafy substance, which was believed to be marijuana. Police seized that bag, which was allegedly found in McGee's crotch area.

McGee was transferred to Hammond Police for processing on his outstanding warrant and was charged by PPD on one count of possession of marijuana.

Lewis was arrested by PPD on possession of marijuana, and Wilson was taken into custody nine outstanding warrants issued by PPD.

Another Ponchatoula drug arrest

PONCHATOULA---Ponchatoula Police have arrested a local man who was found in possession of drugs less than one block from a local school.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said officers arrested John Devin Foster, 43, of S. 7th Street in Ponchatoula, on Wednesday afternoon as he was walking less than one block from Perrin Early Learning Center.

Officers said they were contacted by one of the suspect's family members who was concerned that he was not taking his medication and claiming that Foster had used his monthly check to purchase illegal drugs.

When officers spotted Foster and stopped to speak with him, they said the suspect "began shaking and his face turned red." Officers patted the man down and recovered a cell phone, several lighters, and a clear plastic bag containing an off-white rocklike substance that field-tested positive for cocaine.

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