Ponchatoula Police establishes community policing initiative

 Ponchatoula Police establishes community policing initiative - PONCHATOULA-- 07-13-11--Chief Bry Layrisson, Ponchatoula Police Department, is pleased to announce that retired Captain Michael McAlister will return to service as the department’s Community Policing Officer. In this newly established position, retired Capt. McAlister will be responsible for unifying individual citizens and businesses in a joint effort to deter crimes in the City.

Captain McAlister has previously served the citizens of Ponchatoula as a member of the Police Department, beginning as a Patrol Officer, and subsequently promoted thru the ranks to Sergeant, Lieutenant, and ultimately to Captain. He had previously served with the U.S. Air Force and for more than 12 yrs with the Louisiana National Guard.

While the enforcement of law is the primary focus of the police on patrol, community policing seeks to involve the individual and business community in a unified force to identify the source of problems and the development of appropriate solutions to deter crime and to help eliminate the socio-economic impact on the community.

Chief Layrisson’s efforts thru the Neighborhood Watch Program to provide the citizens of Ponchatoula with input on crime fighting and prevention will be enhanced with the establishing of this Community Policing Officer.

The primary focus of the Community Policing Officer will be to visit with individual and business victims and solicit ideas and recommendations for improving safety and security in the community. In addition, the Community Policing Officer will meet with the City’s various organizations, on request, to discuss how the community can provide support to the police in crime prevention. “Captain McAlister is a tremendous asset to our police department. Mike is so well liked in our community and I am honored to have him returning to our force,” Layrisson said.

In summary, Chief Layrisson’s goal in establishing the new position will provide a community policing officer whose focus will be to join police and community efforts in crime prevention, and to provide a partnership that will allow for a more timely contact to listen to ideas and evaluate crime solutions, and also to provide a communication network of open dialogue with those most affected by crime, namely the victim; all of which will provide a greater understanding of those limiting factors the Ponchatoula Police Department must overcome for a greater and safer community. This will continue to provide strategic planning factors to the crime prevention efforts of the Ponchatoula Police Department.

Ponchatoula Police Announce Arrests

PONCHATOULA---07-13-11--Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula and charged as follows:

*Stephen Pea, 50, of 431 N. 3rd St., fugitive from other jurisdiction.
*Quan Shabastian Howard, 23, of 106 Robert Lane, Hammond, fugitive from other jurisdiction.
*Patricia Marlene Flynn, 58, of #3 St. Patrick’s Blvd., 1 count of failure to appear.
*Chekita Dinette White, 37, of 107 Camellia Court, theft by shoplifting, aggravated battery.
*Linda Faye Badon Sibley, 35, of 2410 Center Ave., Hammond, theft by shoplifting, 1 count of FTA, fugitive from other jurisdiction.
*Kenneth Galladora, 46, of 48445 Sibley Rd., Tickfaw, disturbing the peace-simple drunk, open container, resisting an officer.
*William Anthony, 44, of 12503 Kinchen Lane, Tickfaw, disturbing the peace-simple drunk.
*Sonya Jones Seymore, 37, of 138 Theresa Dr. 147, simple battery.
*Katrice L. Stanley, 32, of 179 Theresa Dr., simple battery.
*Gerald Coleman, 50, of 540 S. 2nd St., possession of marijuana.
*Eric Paul Davis, 30, of 20088 Rocquin Lane, fugitive from other jurisdiction.
*Durrell Cornelius Jones, 24, of 233 N. 2nd St., 2 counts of FTA.
*John Anthony Gaten, 23, of 114 Rosewood Dr., 35 counts of FTA.
*Joshua B. Davis, 21, of 54075 Easley Dr., Independence, FTA.
*Jasomand Odelle Jones, 21, of 14106 Club Deluxe Rd.8, Hammond, FTA.
*Devine T. Green, 37, of 321 Cedar Lane 5D, possession of Schedule III, driving under suspension, number of taillights required.
*Kielyn Ray Griffin, 31, of 21568 LA Hwy. 444, Livingston, possession of drug paraphernalia.
*Jimmie Gerald, 42, of 41074 S. Range Rd. #4, FTA.
*Jazzmon Stanley, 34, of 1902 Harrell Ave., Hammond, FTA, fugitive from other jurisdiction.
*Chantazziez Williams, 23, of 273 Washington St., FTA.
*Carla Denise Sims, 42, of 227 Hoover St., 6 counts of FTA.
*Vanessa Rumore, 35, of 26150 Hwy. 42, Holden, theft by shoplifting.
*Elisha Bells, 25, of 2033 Lakeside Circle, 4 counts of FTA.
*Jerry Laserick Pea, 35, of 121 Centier Lane, Hammond, FTA.
*Eljon Latroy Mosely, 29, of 215 Jackson St., FTA, theft by shoplifting.
*Jamaal Laray Davis, 29, of 500 S. 8th St., open container.
*John Wren Mayfield, 28, of 242 N. 5th St., disturbing the peace-domestic violence, theft by shoplifting
*Mary Elizabeth Edwards, 29, of 242 N. 5th St., disturbing the peace- domestic violence.
*Orie Ben Brown, 25, of 524 E. Beech St., 2 counts of failure to appear.
*Joseph Earl Green Sr., 44, of 170 Murray Rd., disturbing the peace-loud & abusive language.
*Tatyrian Williams, 18, of 470 E. Willow St., 2 counts of failure to appear.
*Shane Michael Anderson, 34, of 18348 Berthelot Rd., #8, fugitive from other jurisdiction, traffic violations.

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