Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson reports that a five month long investigation has led to the arrest of a Laplace woman on felony theft charges. Linda Monistere, age 43, of Elmwood Drive in Laplace was arrested on August 28 and charge...d with felony theft.

In March, the owners of Northshore Airport Express on SW RR Avenue in Ponchatoula contacted the Ponchatoula Police Department concerning a theft of an Apple I-Pad.

The owners felt that a former employee, Monistere, used 72,000 reward points from a business credit card to obtain the I-Pad. An investigation ensued, through the investigation detectives learned that Monistere rerouted over $29,000 which was to be paid to Northshore Airport Express from American Express into her personal checking account.

The owners advised detectives that Monistere did not have permission from them for this type of activity. Detectives were able to subpoena Monistere’s banking records and learned this type of embezzlement occurred over 36 times between December 2012 and March 2013.

Eventually, Monistere provided a written admission of guilt.

Monistere turned herself in to detectives with the Ponchatoula Police Department on August 28, and Monistere was booked and placed into parish jail in Amite on the above stated charges.

Ponchatoula Police release August arrest report

Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula during August 01-15, 2013. Along with the following arrests, the police department issued 56 traffic citations.

1. Leonard Jackson, b/m 56, of SE Railroad Ave, for DWI, open container, driving under suspension, expired license plate, and failure to use turning signal.

2. Antonio Pines, b/m 22, of Shady Oaks Court, for 4 FTA, and resisting an officer.

3. Stephen Hess, w/m 52, of E. I-55 Service road, for disturbing the peace-simple drunk and resisting an officer.

4. Andre Mayo, b/m 60, of E. Beech Street, for aggravated assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, and disturbing the peace-simple drunk.

5. Tammy Pines, b/f 41, of S. 2nd Street, for one FTA and disturbing the peace.

6. Donald Ross, b/m 54, of Methvin Drive, for 3 FTA.

7. Eljon Mosely, b/m 31, of Plum Street, for simple battery and 5 FTA.

8. Roderica Matthews, b/f 24, of Delmar Blvd, for impeding flow of traffic, expired MVI, resisting an officer, DWI, poss. of sch. II drugs, poss. of drug para., battery on police officer, attempted criminal damage, attempted escape, public intimidation, and 23 FTA’s.

9. Joshua Johnson, w/m 28, of Kinchen Lane in Tickfaw, for fugitive of another district, driving under suspension, and no insurance.

10. Shan Spears, b/m 30, of Short St, for 7 FTA’s.

11. Malcolm Dumas, b/m 18, of Theresa St, for 1 FTA.

12. Jessie Berry, b/m 47, of N 11th Street, for 1 FTA.

13. Larry Shelvin, b/m 53, of E. Hwy 22, for 1 FTA.

14. Theresa Beard, w/f 41, of N. Billville, for 4 FTA’s.

15. Charles Griggs, b/m 47, of S. 2nd Street, for 5 FTA’s.

16. Joe White, b/m 63, of NW Railroad Ave, for 5 FTA’s.

17. Michelle Brister, w/f 41, of W Charles Street, for simple battery.

18. Javen Collins, b/m 23, of Cedar Lane, for 13 FTA’s.

19. Christopher McCarthy, w/m 44, of Moore Rd, for 3 FTA’s.

20. Amber McCarthy, w/f 31, of Moore Rd, for failure to yield left, no driver’s license, and no registration.

21. Clarence Tilley, w/m 34, of Joe Korke Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

22. John Ponds Jr., b/m 45, E. Newman St, for 1 FTA.

23. Lloyd Davis III, w/m 52, of Bush Lane, for 3 FTA’s.

24. Gerrell Lee, b/m 35, of N. Barrone St, for 14 FTA’s.

25. Ervin Foster Jr., b/m 39, of S. 1st St, for 6 FTA’s.

26. Shaquille Harris, b/m 21, of N Barrone St, for 9 FTA’s and 2 counts of simple battery- domestic violence.

27. Darryl Williams Jr., b/m 36, of N. 1st St, for 5 FTA’s.

28. Tonia West, w/f 33, of E. Hwy 22, for 3 FTA’s.

29. Kenneth Self, b/m 53, of N. 11th St, for 3 FTA’s.

30. Hollie Garel, w/f 40, of W. Cypress St, for 2 FTA’s.

31. Christopher Walker, b/m 36, of Murray Rd, for 19 FTA’s and 2 counts of resisting an officer.

32. Alexis Stewart, b/f 18, of E. Beech St, for resisting an officer.

33. Terry Jones, b/m 34, of E. Beech St, for resisting an officer, simple battery-domestic violence, and 1 FTA.

34. John Ford, w/m 51, of N. Hwy 51, for 2 FTA’s.

35. Devin Hammac, w/m 18, of Claiborne Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

36. Edward Robertson, w/m 37, of Stafford Rd, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

37. Charles Gales, b/m 21, of E. Coleman St, for driving under suspension.

38. Letcher Cyprian, b/m 42, of N. Hwy 51, for 6 FTA’s.

39. Naki Cyprian, b/f 38, of N. Hwy 51, for 2 FTA’s.

40. Cindy Holland, w/f 49, of Wadesboro Rd, for disturbing the peace-simple drunk.

41. Lesley Brumfield II, b/m 33, of Hoover Lane, for 1 FTA.

42. Charles Brumfield, b/m 45, of N.11th St, for 2 FTA’s.

43. Quincy Williams, b/m 39, of N. 12th St, for 14 FTA’s.

44. James Armstrong, b/m 30, of Lavigne Rd, for 6 FTA’s.

45. Gerald Albert, w/m 53, of Camp St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

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