Ponchatoula CVS Victim of Bomb Threat

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson reports that the CVS in Ponchatoula was a victim of a bomb threat, September17, around 11:45. Ponchatoula Police responded to the CVS Pharmacy (285 East Pine St) after the manager reported receiving an anonymous call of a bomb threat. The manager reported that a male caller demanded 4 green dot cards loaded... with an undetermined amount, or he would detonate a bomb that he had placed inside the store. The manager advised that the caller was hard to understand due to a heavy accent. The manager promptly evacuated all employees and customers and notified the Ponchatoula Police Department. The Ponchatoula Police Department was made aware of similar bomb threats throughout the country and feel that this incident is related. Officers did a sweep of the CVS store and did not locate any suspicious activity..

Arrest Report

Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula between September 17, 2013 and September 30, 2013 and charged as follows:

Rebekah Barron, 26, of W I-55 Service Rd, for 1 FTA (Failure To Appear)

Peter McCrory, 58, of Wadesboro Rd, for 11 FTA’s.

Jimmie Gerald, 45, of Range Rd, for 4 FTA’s.

Randall Thompson, 32, of West St, for 2 FTA’s and being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

Anthony Rock III, 37, of April Lane, for 2 FTA’s.

Joshua Lott, 32, of W. McClellan St, for 1 FTA.

Frank Self III, 26, of N. 11th St, for 3 FTA’s and felony theft.

Raymond McGhee, 51, of Dryades St, for littering.

Travis Edwards, 32, of Keaghey Rd, for 1 FTA.

Tyrone Davis, 41, of N. 11th St, for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mitchell Dillon, 54, of Wilbur Dillon Rd. in Angie, La, for two counts of running a stop sign, resisting an officer, and reckless operation of a vehicle.

Mark Carter, 29, of President Hoover St, for 1 FTA.

Dontae Taylor, 26, of Old Baton Rouge Hwy in Hammond, for simply battery, theft, aggravated assault-domestic violence, and remaining on premises after forbidden.

Erick Mack, 27, of Willow Villa Rd. in Hammond, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

Samantha Addison, 25, of Camphor St. in Laplace, for criminal trespassing.

Angela Hare, 27, of N Rateau Rd, for criminal trespassing.

Katherine Spears, 56, of St. Patrick’s Blvd, for 2 FTA’s.

Nathan Wilson, 21, of Hoover St, for 2 FTA’s.

Eric Carter Jr., 18, of Chapman Rd. in Hammond, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction. David Penton, 44, of Rose Dr, for 4 FTA’s.

Johnny Lewis, 59, of 2nd St, for 5 FTA’s.

Abraham Turner, 26, of E. Pecan St, for 1 FTA.

Ronald Alexander, 24, of S. Range Rd, for 1 FTA and being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

Stanley Brown, 40, of E. Ash St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

Lou Ann Cornwell, 44, of Babin Lane, for 1 FTA.

Delilah Ruiz, 26, of Arbor Court in Kenner, for 2 FTA’s.

Jody Parsons, 34, of Halton Rd in Hammond, for 3 counts of possession of sch. II drugs, possession of sch. III drugs, and possession of sch. IV drugs.

Joseph Weber Jr, 34, of Mississippi St in Hammond, for 1 FTA.

Along with the above stated arrests, the Ponchatoula Police Department issued 87 traffic citations.

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