Ponchatoula Police investigate possible home invasion, attempted kidnapping

PONCHATOULA---A local mom and Ponchatoula Police are looking for answers after the woman was awakened by what she says was a home invasion and an attempted kidnapping of her young son in the Audubon Gardens subdivision last week.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson confirms his department is actively investigating the case, which was reported Sept. 27 shortly before 6 a.m.

The victim told AN17.com that she was awakened by her baby monitor through which she could hear the sound of a stranger's voice speaking to her young son in his bedroom.

Layrisson said the woman told authorities that she could hear a deep male voice attempting to communicate with her three-year-old son, followed by laughter. She also stated that she heard her son saying “No, No, No” as he normally does when being awakened from sleep.

The victim stated she began to hear other doors inside the residence being opened. At that time, the victim locked her bedroom door and escaped out the bedroom window with her infant child, who had been in the bed with her. The victim ran to the neighbor’s house, and the neighbor’s husband went back to the residence to retrieve the woman's three-year-old son.

The boy stated that a man came into his room and called him by name. The boy told officers that the man had short dark hair, with dark clothing and tattoos on his arms. The man told the boy to “Go and let’s get in my car.” Then the boy said the man hid under his bed for a moment and left out the front door.

When officers arrived on scene, the residence was secured and found to be free of an intruder. Officers were unable to find any evidence at the residence, and the investigation is still ongoing.

The victim, speaking to AN17.com, said she is convinced the intruder waited until her husband had left the home to go to work that morning.

The woman offered sincere thanks to the the PPD for their efforts thus far in the investigation, and she commended Officer Kenneth Berteau, Jr., who she said has "gone above and beyond to make my family feel safe again. (Officer) Berteau has patrolled my neighborhood around the clock."

Although she admits she was scared of coming forward and telling her story to the public, the victim says, "I know now that this needs to be heard. Ponchatoula is not the quiet town I grew up in as a child. People need to learn to be more cautious during their every day routine. I was not one of those people before this happened."

Chief Layrisson would like to stress to the public to please contact the Ponchatoula Police Department (985-386-6548) if they have any information regarding this incident or if they see any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Ponchatoula PD Conducts Fugitive Round Up

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson reports that his agency, along with Louisiana Probation and Parole, conducted a fugitive round up on September 10, 2013. The following individuals were arrested.

• Richard Fendalson: w/m, age 53, Lorraine Lane, Hammond; 2 counts of Distribution of Sch II Drugs

• Jennifer Chambless: w/f, age 37, N. Baronne St, Ponchatoula: Fugitive from other Jurisdiction

• Tina Patterson: b/f, age 41, N. 5th St, Ponchatoula: Poss of Marijuana and Fugitive from other Jurisdiction

• Raymond McGhee: b/m, age 50, N. Dryades St, Ponchatoula; Poss of Drug Paraphernalia, Fugitive from other Jurisdiction and Probation & Parole Hold

• Timothy Douglas: b/m, age 37, N. 3rd St, Ponchatoula; Poss of Marijuana and Fugitive from other Jurisdiction

• Emmanuel McKay: b/m, age 27, McGary Lane, Ponchatoula; Fugitive from other Jurisdiction

Chief Layrisson stated, “I am thankful that we have a good working relationship with Probation and Parole, which enables us to work together to keep these criminals off the streets of Ponchatoula. I am anticipating with these arrests that we should see a drop in the thefts and burglaries, as well.”

October Arrests

Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula during the month of October. Along with below listed arrests, the Ponchatoula Police Department issued 202 traffic citations for the month of October.

1. Zan Collier, b/m 30, of E. Hwy 22, for 5 FTA’s.

2. Stephanie Clines, b/f 35, of E. Hwy 22, for 3 FTA’s and parking violation.

3. Quentin Sims, b/m 22, of N. 3rd St, for 2 FTA’s.

4. Jody Parsons, w/m 34, of Halton Rd in Hammond, for two counts of possession of sch. II drugs, possession of sch. III drugs, and possession of sch. IV drugs.

5. Brittany Wattigney, w/f 23, of Billville Rd in Hammond, for 4 FTA’s.

6. Lorrisa Smith, b/f 26, of Haney Ln, for 11 FTA’s and a parking violation.

7. Tina Cuevas, w/f 47, of Lovers Lane in Long Beach, MS, for 13 FTA’s.

8. Cameron Abbott, w/m 25, of Silverstone Circle, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

9. Kristen Fontenot, w/f 27, of Esterbrook Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

10. Virgilio Estevez, h/m 32, of Camp St in New Orleans, for bank fraud.

11. Javen Collins, b/m 23, of S. Range Rd, for 16 FTA’s.

12. John Ford, w/m 51, of N. Hwy 51, for 3 FTA’s.

13. Richard Fendalson, w/m 53, of Lorraine Dr. in Hammond, for two counts of distributing sch. II drugs.

14. Jennifer Chambless, w/f 37, of N. Baronne St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

15. Tina Patterson, b/f 41, of E. Beech St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

16. Charles Griggs, b/f 47, of S. 2nd St, for 8 FTA’s.

17. Raymond McGhee, b/m 51, of Dryades St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

18. Tyrone Davis, b/m 41, of N. 11th St, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction and probation and parole violation.

19. Timothy Douglas, b/m 37, of N. 3rd St, for possession of marijuana and being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

20. Emmanuel McKay, b/m 27, of McGary Lane, for being a fugitive of another jurisdiction.

21. Kelli Kirkwood, b/f 30, of Coates Rd in Springfield, for two counts of unauthorized use of an access card.

22. Jeffery McCarroll Jr, w/m 43, of Pineywoods Rd, for 1 FTA.

23. Branson Monistere, w/m 19, of Wadesboro Rd, for 1 FTA.

24. Adron Frazier Jr, b/m 23, of Tullis Dr. in New Orleans, for 1 FTA.

25. Christopher Walker, b/m 26, of Murray Rd, for disturbing the peace.

26. James Babb, w/m 35, of Lisa Dr. in Chalmette, for 1 FTA.

27. Brayden Cyrus, w/m 20, of Coles Creek Subdivision, for 1 FTA.

28. Brisco Henderson, b/m 78, of Murray Rd, for 3 FTA’s.

29. Malcolm Norman V, b/m 47, of N. 1st St, for 2 FTA’s.

30. Navorius Hills, b/m 35, of Camp St, for 1 FTA.

31. Alicia Walker, b/f 35, of Murray Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

32. Theresa Beard, w/f 41, of N. Billville St. in Hammond, for 9 FTA’s.

33. Brittany Beale, b/f 25, of Fralick Ray Lane in Independence, for 2 FTA’s.

34. Edward Davis Jr, b/m 59, of N. Baronne St, for 15 FTA’s.

35. Sheddrick Lewis, b/m 28, of N. 12th St, for carrying a concealed weapon and resisting an officer.

36. Harry Lemoine, w/m 60, of N. 2nd St, for criminal damage and theft of utilities.

37. Lynette Lemoine, w/f 58, of N 2nd St, for criminal damage and theft of utilities.

38. Travis Jordan, w/m 32, of E. Oak, for possession of sch. II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

39. Andre Mayo, b/m 60, of E. Beech, for 17 FTA’s.

40. Devin Hammac, w/m 18, of Claiborne Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

41. Flora Clark, b/f 41, of N. 12th St, for 1 FTA.

42. Lindale Chaney, b/m 30, of McGary Lane, for 3 FTA’s.

43. Frank Hollingsworth, w/m 74, of Shelly Dr. in Springfield, for 1 FTA.

44. Cheryl Melvin, w/f 45, of Hwy 22, for 10 FTA’s.

45. Lee Fowler, w/m 33, of N. 12th St, for disturbing the peace-simple drunk.

46. Kristelle Harrison, b/f 37, of Ruth Dr, for 1 FTA.

47. Angela Evans, w/f 41, of Wadesboro Rd, for 3 FTA’s.

48. Duane Bissell, w/m 22, for burglary of a vehicle and resisting an officer.

49. Carderro Frederick, b/m 23, of Jefferson Rd, for 2 FTA’s.

50. John Wright III, b/m 24, of Washington St, for 1 FTA.

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