Standoff in Ponchatoula

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson reports that a subject armed with a sawed off shotgun held off police for over a two hours this afternoon. The incident happened just after noon on Ford St, which is located on the eastside of Ponchatoula

Chief Layrisson reports that his department received numerous calls of a black male walking on the roadway armed with a weapon. Police responded to the area in an attempt to investigate the situation. When officers arrived on scene, they determined that the suspect had gone inside of his residence. Officers made contact with the suspect, Rennie Michael Noel (black, male, age 52, Ford St, Ponchatoula), inside of his residence. Officers attempted to get Noel to come from inside the house to speak to them, but Noel stood inside the doorway and refused to comply with officer’s commands. Officers were able to get two other individuals from inside the residence and were able to ascertain that the shotgun was just inside the door on a bed. Noel armed himself with a large kitchen knife and threatened to cut his throat. Noel stated numerous times that he wanted to die and began to consume liquid bleach. Noel eventually threw down the knife, but he immediately armed himself with the shotgun. Noel continued to take his place just inside the doorway of the mobile home, with the gun placed under his chin. The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) was called in to assist in resolving the matter. Several negotiators attempted to get Noel to drop the gun, but Noel would not comply. After nearly two and a half hours, the standoff was over when Noel was disarmed by the use of a less than lethal blast from one of the SRT members. Noel was alert and conscious after being struck with a rubber ball shot from a shotgun. Noel was placed in handcuffs and transported to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation and could face charges in connection to the standoff.

Chief Layrisson states, “I am glad that my officers and the TPSO deputies were able to resolve this matter as peacefully as possible and that all law enforcement personnel will return home safely to their families.”

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