Narcotics Activity

Definition: Any information related to illegal drug activity.

Example: Information about Narcotics activity occurring in a house, vehicle, or other location. Narcotics are being distributed from, a specific person that is involved in illegal drug activity, or a location where narcotics are being sold.

Identity Theft

Definition: Your personally-identifying information (PII) was used to obtain goods or services without your permission.

Example: Someone used your credit card number to purchase gasoline, rent a hotel room, buy electronics, or withdraw cash at an ATM.

Theft of Personal Property

Definition: Your property is taken without your permission.

Example: A package is taken from your porch. OR You left your wallet behind in a restaurant, but when you attempted to go back to retrieve it, the wallet was no longer there.

Theft From Vehicle

Definition: Your property is taken from your vehicle without your permission.

Example: Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Lost property is not theft.


Definition: Any person who maliciously damages, destroys, or defaces the property of another person.

Example: Knocking over a mailbox, spray painting a wall, or throwing a rock through a window.

Harassing Communications

Definition: Any person who repeatedly, with the intent to annoy, telephones or makes contact by means of electronic communication.

Example: Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, emails, text messages.

VICE Activity

Definition: Any information related to tips for vice offenses. Vice offenses are Commercialized, conspicuous, and/or complained-of activity involving various criminal enterprises that include: prostitution, gambling, counterfeiting, drinking in public, and illegal sales of alcohol/tobacco.

Example: Prostitution activity at the ACME hotel at 123 Main Street. Generally, the prostitutes stand in the parking lot and meet with the drivers of several vehicles. The drivers then park on Main Street and walk into the hotel. I believe they have been staying in room 1015. or The clerk at the local convenience store sells alcohol/tobacco to underage persons. The clerk is a male/ white/ etc. etc.


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